Endless walking, cycling or driving your motorbike in the hilly landscape in the North of France.

The beautiful hilly landscape of Thiérache, at the border of the French Ardennes, are perfect for walking and cycling endlessly. The sloping landscape is very varied with small timeless villages and breathtaking views. For centuries, agriculture and cattle breeding have determined the image of meadows separated by small rivers and low hedges, giving the whole a charming appearance. 3 kilometres away, the French Ardennes begin for those who are looking for more of a challenge in terms of height difference. Of course we have various routes available, for a whole day walking or cycling both on paper and on GPS. Most walking and cycling routes start in Rozoy-sur-Serre. These routes vary in distance and run both on paved and unpaved roads. You can feel the rest in this area; it is so quiet that you can walk and cycle on the paved roads without any problems; you will hardly meet anyone. When you are walking, cycling or driving around there is a high probability that you wil see wild animals, such as deer, birds of prey, pheasants and even sometimes a fox, marten or squirrel. The wild boar is the symbol for the Ardennen, but you'll rather see the marks in the woods than the boar itself. Also on your motorbike you can easily drive on the quiet roads and enjoy the views. The winding roads arn't boring at all and every 5 km you'll arrive in a small village. 
For a change of scenery, you can also make a daytrip: the champagne capital Reims (55 km), the medieval city of Laon (45 km) where you can also visit part of the underground city. Near Laon you find the 'Chemin des dames' with several war memorials from the first World War. You can also visit Charleville-Mézières (50 km), actually two cities separated by the Meuse River that runs straight through these two cities. Along the Meuse River is a flat path for walking and cycling only. Another unique daytrip is when you go to Guise (50 km) where you can easily spend a whole day in the familistère and the tour that rest of the castle of the duc of Guise. Special in this region are the fortified churches, where in times of turbulence the population could be sheltered. An example can be found in Parfondeval (5 km), which is classified as one of the 'most beautiful villages in France'.